Espacio dedicado a los Guardaparques del planeta.
Space dedicated to the Park rangers of the world.
Espaço dedicado aos Guarda-parques do planeta.

31 July - World Ranger Day - Dia Internacional del Guardaparque

What are you doing in recognition of World Ranger Day? Rangers are being recognised as professionals. Take heart. So often we've been ignored, and still are ignored in many countries. Rangers are dying. But through joint efforts we will turn this around and we will lose less Rangers. We will make this a safe profession and a valued profession. To every single Ranger out there just thank you for doing your job under those circumstances - Ranger David Zeller, South Africa. Keep up the great work. Forget about the hard times and the lack of funding. Lets just do our job. We're there to protect nature, to conserve nature, lets do it. We're doing a great job, I think, and the more support we get around the world the better we can do our job - Ranger Richard Sowry, South Africa. We are just one family, struggling for one thing. We have to keep this working. They should keep the spirit of conservation and the spirit of wildlife in their minds, at their heart, and everywhere they go. Lets struggle and make sure that what is surviving on the world keeps on surviving until further notice, and forever and ever. - John Makombo, Uganda. (Taken from The Thin Green Line

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